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Insurance Companies
and Insurance Adjusters

This well maintained, 3 bedroom, 2.5 Both with laundry, open kitchen to dining and living area is available Spring Fall and Winter providing a quality temporary place to call home.

For those who are displaced from their homes due to flood, fire or other damage this private beach front home is a safe and secure temporary residence.

When a family has lost everything, they can rest assured of comfy beds, dishes, pot and pans, fresh linens, towels – everything needed to have a comfortable home away from home.

We work with Insurance Companies and Insurance Adjusters and can not only make a family’s stay less expensive than a regular hotel room but also more comfortable.

Builders, Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents

We know timing is not always perfect. Now you have an option!
Between homes? Problem Solved.

Put your things into storage and have a comfy, cozy organized interim place to call home.
In this economy it often takes a quick sell or a quick purchase. Builders sometimes come up against delayed closings causing upset to Builders and Buyers alike.
Knowing there is an option for a place to stay, whether you are buying, selling or waiting for your new build to be finished, you can rest assured you have a private, functional, comfortable temporary home away from home.

Need a Quiet place?

Or a working vacation spot

Renting this lakehouse has been known to bring peace and calm – a quiet place that promotes creativity.

More and more our world has us caught in the fast-paced life and even when we try to put the work aside, the “TO DO” list lingers long making it difficult to change focus.

Sometimes the best thing we can do for our business or our personal life is to escape the busy’ness’. Cozied up in a winter home, getting beneath the stars and away from some of the noise and daily responsibilities can help to improve your ability to focus on creativity and business building.

Fresh air and a different setting might just the best investment you make this year. Put your life back in balance and bring some calm to an otherwise hectic life.

Hotels can become less attractive the more you travel. Think of the option of a home away from home where you have more space.