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Frequently Asked Questions

What is there to do in the fall/winter?

Lots! It's harvest season!

There is so much to list I don't know where to start ........ The colours are vibrant and with the crisper temperature, outdoor activities like walking and biking can be more vigorous than during the heat of summer.

I love the sound of crunching leaves, filling my lungs with deep breathing and letting the autumn scents grab my attention. A fall picnic basket filled with local harvest is easy and healthy, so stopping off at one or several of the local fruit and vegetable stands is a must.

Then, there are the wine routes, where local vintners tell about this year's crop with excitement and offer tastes of their award winning wines. The winding routes themselves are full of harvest sites and sounds, so be sure to take the camera along and stop at the parks and conservation areas along the way.

The Jimaan runs to Pelee Island until the ice comes in the winter. There you can have an action packed day with rented bikes or take along the ones from the lake house. You can take your car over to the island, but you should book that ahead to be sure to get a spot.


Find that unique Christmas gift in one of the many little shoppes. There are several towns nearby in all directions! So shop for a day or for a week, but shop!


Pick your course. We have several 'fore' your enjoyment. Talbot Trail is closest. Deer Run is to the east, Erie Shores and Kingsville Golf and Country to the west as short drive away. .

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